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Hack smart fridges
Deploy hologram
Update T&C


Too many meetings
Piper Pulse
Design the box


Middle-out algorithm
Recruit more stallions
Video chat release
Maximizing Alphaness

Team Pied Piper

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Action Plan
Move PiperChat up the priority queue
Start testing on Anton 2.0 server
Offboard employees working on the box
Invite team to Retrobot

Automatically link tasks and updates.

Retrobot helps everyone follow through on actions by automatically creating new tasks and maintaining updates.

Retrobot  app  1:37 PM
New task created by dinesh
Dinesh Chugtai
Move PiperChat up the priority queue
I made vid-chat, and Gilfoyle can s*ck it. We now have real, repeat users in our video chat app.

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I joined a team already running Retrobot and was blown away at how smoothly the entire organization operates. Our people get things done, and we have achieved the conjoined the triangles of success!

Jack Barker, CEO

Retrobot was recommended to us by our VC for managing the integration efforts of our 7-figure acquisition. We are making the world a more innovative and better place, one airline at a time.

Erlich Bachman, Founder
Put on a new retrospective
Put on a new retrospective